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3 “Weird” Anti-Aging Tips

I want to go over 3 “unconventional” anti-aging tips that you can apply right now and start seeing results within a matter of weeks.  This goes against the grain and there are probably a number of plastic surgeons and other authority in the anti-aging industry who would like to see this site go away.

But no.  We’re going to expose the secret you deserve to know.

1) Fat Is Your Friend

If you look at the image below, you’ll see the different layers of skin.


You’ll notice the top layer is the epidermis (which is what we see on the outside) and at the very bottom are fat cells.  Truth be told, fat and collagen is what keeps skin supple, soft and gives it that youthful, healthy look.

Does that mean you can eat any food that has fat? Absolutely not.  There are specific types of fat that has anti-aging benefits when you eat them and certain foods that has these specific fats that are good for us.

Here’s another benefit to fat.  The way our bodies are designed, we use fat as energy instead of grains. Our bodies are not meant to be on a grain diet. That’s a recent “invention.” Hunter gatherer argument. Primarily fat protein and vegetables. Your body actually uses fat as an energy source as it has a lot more energy per gram.

Taking in fat, your body is programmed and used to using fat as energy. It’s not as stressful. It’s a more efficient way for your body to use energy. As opposed to if it has to use grains, it has to go into overdrive to process that food.

What happens with grains your body produces more insulin.  It also increases the cytokines of your immune system. This causes your immune system to work when it doesn’t need to. More insulin = diabetes, which could lead to heart disease and amputation of the extremities.


2) “Healthy” foods that are considered healthy you should stay away from


Whole wheat bread. Whole grain pasta. Low fat cheese. Skim milk. Stay away from any whole grain products. Stay away from any fat free products.

Reason: A lot of them are processed, taking away a lot of nutrients from the body. They have no nutritional significance for the body. They’re almost like empty calories. Whole milk has a lot of healthy fat for your body.  When you take that out you’re basically drinking sugar water.

3) Add at least one antioxidant-rich food to your diet

Fruits & Vegetables

Antioxidants are what fight free radicals.  Free radicals can do a lot of damage to healthy cells.  Over time, free radicals can be the root cause a lot of degenerative disease.  Some good antioxidant rich foods include bell peppers, eggs, carrots, spinach, mushrooms.

So how exactly does food do this and how can you apply this?

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